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Organ Concert Celebrating the Schantz/Rodgers Pipe Organ

Posted By: Catherine Good | Posted on: 10-13-2015

Organ Concert Celebrating the Schantz/Rodgers Pipe Organ

Special Guest Organist
Hector Olivera

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2015 – 4:00 PM

About the Artist: Maesto Hector Olivera has become one of the most sought after and revered international concert organists since entering the Buenos Aires Conservatory as a child prodigy at age six. The Times Reporter’, describes an evening with Mr. Olivera as: “An event, a happening, a joyful celebration of the sheer power and pressure that a true virtuoso like Hector Olivera can unleash in a concert hall.”

Born in Buenos Aires, Mr. Olivera began playing the pipe organ when he was three. At age five he played for the legendary Eva Perón; at twelve he entered the University of Buenos Aires and by eighteen had performed for heads of state and celebrities throughout Latin America. When offered a scholarship at the renowned Juilliard School of Music in New York, he moved to the United States. Three years later, Mr. Olivera’s outstanding professional concert career was launched when he won the AGO’s National Improvisation Contest.

Mr. Olivera has performed solo concerts throughout the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, Central and Latin America and as guest soloist with prominent symphony orchestras worldwide. Whether in a prestigious venue like Carnegie Hall, Royal Albert Hall, Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, Constitution Hall, Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, or in conjunction with a celebrated event like the Olympic games or the Classical Newport Music Festival, the most sophisticated and demanding organ aficionados claim that Maestro Hector Olivera is ‘one of the greatest organists in the world today.’

About the Hybrid Pipe Organ: The pipe organ at Faith Lutheran is a “marriage” of the church’s existing 1969 Schantz pipe organ with the newest RODGERS four manual- Infinity- digital organ. The new organ was carefully reconditioned, designed, and voiced with unity as the goal. The Schantz pipe organ brings 24 stops (32 ranks) to the union, while the new Rodgers Infinity 484 console brings a massive amount of advanced digital technologies to complete the organ’s unique design.

The combined instrument has a total of 442 available stops (576 ranks) plus 58 orchestral sounds. The Rodgers voices are digital recordings from some of the best pipe organs in the world reproduced live through bi-amplified stereo speakers located with the existing pipes and in the rear antiphonal cases.