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Organ Dedication Concert at Unitarian – Universalist Church of Akron

Posted By: Catherine Good | Posted on: 09-24-2015


Organ Dedication Concert

Organ Dedication Concert

With Guest Organist  Rodney Barbour

Pre-program Demonstration  –  6:30 PM
Concert –  7:30 PM

About the Artist: Around age 10 I began playing the piano and organ at church. Somewhere and sometime in the past 44 years, I have been transformed from playing for worship to being a worshipper and leading others in worship. The playing skills are much the same, but the application and attitude are different. I have been blessed with many experiences, solo worship concerts in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and Europe, teaching with gifted worship leaders at major church conferences, to playing with Praise bands, all of which have contributed to my transformation. Of course, spiritual growth and interaction with other Christians and worship leaders has positively influenced my attitude. I hope to share my story in this blogspot to encourage you in your story and hope some of these words might cause you to begin to think outside the “Bachs” a bit as you mount your benches and prepare for a new “worship-ride”.
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Meyerbeer    Coronation March
Clokey           Cantabile
Handel          The Royal Fireworks Music
Albinoni        Adagio in G Minor
Bizet              Selections from “Carmen”

The Golden Years

Buxtehude    Praeludium in D Major
Reusner        Lute Prelude
Vivaldi          Concerto in A Minor
Purcell          Trumpet Voluntary in D Major
Bull                Rondo in G


Bach/Weber   The “Phantom”
Callahan          Hyfrydol
Vierne               Carillon de Westminster

RODGERS model 588 three-manual organ.