Infinity Platinum Editions


The ultimate in organ sound and console quality has arrived in the new Rodgers Infinity Series Platinum Edition. Wooden keyboards from a renowned German keyboard maker deliver incomparable touch, feel and adjustability. Premium quality moving drawknobs provide the control mechanism desired by many organists seeking a traditional organ playing experience. And nothing compares to the sound of Rodgers’ Pipe Dimensional Audio™ – a system of expanded audio capacity that creates the dimensional experience of sounds emanating from the actual location of pipes on a chest. Rodgers Infinity Series Platinum Edition organs bring together all of these elements for the finest in organ sound and performance.

Exquisite Console Construction

The Infinity Series premieres elegant new console designs finely crafted from top-quality rift-sawn hardwood veneers in dark, medium and light oak standard finishes or optional custom finishes. Classic square, traditional plain and elegant cathedral side trim are available. Every Infinity Series organ comes with a glass-top lattice music desk that adjusts in four directions, an adjustable bench with music storage compartment, a central LCD menu screen, premium console trim, and a locking rolltop.

Extensive Onboard Sound Library

Rodgers’ long-standing leadership in instantly available organ flexibility has now been expanded with Library Access™ controls. Library Access allows the addition of any selection from the built-in library featuring 121 organ stops and 59 premium orchestral voices. Each Library Access selection can be user-voiced for volume, octave shift, warmness, presence, and brilliance, then saved to a piston for instant recall.



Platinum Edition Premium Features

Pipe Dimensional Audio™

You’ll hear and feel the magnificence of pipe organ sound from the height, depth and width of winded pipes thanks to twice the standard complement of speakers and amplifiers.

Mechanical Drawknobs

These premium mechanical action controls are powered by an innovative battery-free system to minimize maintenance.

UHT Keyboards

The velocity-sensitive wood keyboards are available in a variety of key surface coverings in regular or reverse colors Manufactured by Ulrich Hermann Tastaturbau in Germany.