Infinity Series 361

361mv_slides_bodyMagnificent Highly Defined Sound

Developed with Rodgers’ new Natural Pipe Realism™ technology, the sound of Infinity Series organs is simply glorious. The specification spans various tonal genres, providing extraordinary musical expressiveness and versatility. Rodgers’ unique sampling process with up to 8 microphones captures the most detailed, authentic pipe organ sounds ever. With state-of-the-art Dimensional Sound Placement technology, the distribution of the sound creates an unprecedented level of realism. The Infinity Series, based on Roland’s powerful SSC technology, delivers the most authentic pipe organ sound available in a digital organ.

Extensive Onboard Library Access™

Rodgers’ long-standing leadership in instantly available organ flexibility has now been expanded with Library Access controls. Library Access allows the addition of any selection from the built-in Sound Library featuring 121 organ stops and 59 premium orchestral voices. Each selection can be user-voiced for volume, octave shift, tuning, warmness, presence, and brilliance, then saved to a piston for instant recall. The Model 361 has two Library Access controls each for the Swell, Great, Choir and Pedal divisions and one for the Solo division. See the complete list.

Exquisite Console Construction

The Infinity Series premieres elegant new console designs finely crafted from top-quality rift-sawn hardwood veneers in dark, medium and light oak standard finishes or optional custom finishes. Classic square, traditional plain and elegant cathedral side trim are available. Every Infinity Series organ comes with a glass-top lattice music desk that adjusts in four directions, an adjustable bench with music storage compartment, a central LCD menu screen, premium console trim, and a locking rolltop. LED lighted drawknobs come standard (LT model), with optional mechanical action controls (MV model).

Note-Worthy Keyboards & Pedalboards

PerformanceTouch keyboards with Ivory Feel surfaces are a Rodgers exclusive feature, with optional tracker-touch available. They’re velocity-sensitive to allow delicate control of MIDI orchestral voices. Optional velocity-sensitive wood keyboards are available in a variety of key surface coverings, manufactured by Ulrich Hermann Tastaturbau in Germany (available 2013). Rodgers’ distinctive self-contained 32-note concave, radiating pedalboard automatically calibrates precise firing and release points. The pedal keys are also velocity-sensitive, ideal for orchestral voices such as Timpani. Optional parallel pedalboard available.

Innovative Performance Features and Luxury Come Standard

The Infinity Series continues Rodgers’ leadership in digital pipe organ technology.

CouplersEngraved StopVoice Palette 1Voice Palette 2Voice Palette 3
Swell to Great 16MONTRE 16'Violon 16'Prestant 16'Bourdon 16'
Swell to Great 8PRINCIPAL 8'Open Diapason 8'Octave 8'Montre 8'
Swell to Great 4FLÛTE HARMONIQUE 8’Gemshorn Celeste II 8’
Choir to Great 16CHIMNEY FLUTE 8’ Bourdon 8’Rohrgedeckt 8’
Choir to Great 8GEMSHORN 8’ 2nd Diapason 8’Salicional 8’ Gamba 8’
Choir to Great 4OCTAVE 4’ Principal 4'Octav 4'
Solo to Great 8SPITZFLÖTE 4'Open Flute 4'Rohrpfeife 4’
QUINTE 2.2/3'Tierce Mixture VCornett V
SUPER OCTAVE 2'Waldflöte 2'Superoctav 2'Doublette 2’
FOURNITURE V Rauschwerk IVMixtur IVFourniture XI
TROMPETE 8’ Trumpet 8’
CHIMESHandbell Choir
CouplersEngraved StopVoice Palette 1Voice Palette 2Voice Palette 3
Swell to Swell 16BOURDON AMABILE 16'Contre Gambe 16'Prestant 16’Bourdon 16’
Swell Unison OffDIAPASON 8'Geigen Diapason 8'Octave 8’Montre 8’
Swell to Swell 4BOURDON 8'Stopped Diapason 8'
Choir to Swell 8FLUTE CÉLESTE II 8’Unda Maris II 8’Rohrgedeckt 8’
Choir to Swell 4VIOLE CÉLESTE II 8’ Gamba Celeste II 8’Salicional 8’Gamba 8’
Solo to Swell 8PRESTANT4’Viol Octave 4’Octav 4'
FLÛTE TRAVERSIÈRE 4’ Echo Flute 4’Rohrpfeife 4’
NAZARD 2-2/3’Twelfth 2-2/3’Cornett V
OCTAVIN 2’ Fifteenth 2’Superoctav 2’Doublette 2’
TIERCE 1-3/5’Cymbal VI Mixtur IVFourniture XI
DOUBLE TRUMPET 16’ Contre Trompette 16’
TRUMPET 8' Trompette 8'
HAUTBOY 8’ Hautbois 8’
CLARION 4’Clairon 4’
CouplersEngraved StopVoice Palette 1Voice Palette 2Voice Palette 3
Swell to Choir 16ERZÄHLER 16’Bourdon 16'Dulciana Celeste II 16’ Quintaton 16’
Swell to Choir 8MONTRE 8’Principal 8’Viole 8’Muted Violins II 8’
Swell to Choir 4GEDACKT 8’Concert Flute 8’Gedeckt 8’Doppleflöte 8’
Choir to Choir 16ERZÄHLER CÉLESTE II 8’Unda Maris II 8’Quintadena 8’
Choir Unison Off PRINCIPAL 4’Fugara 4’
Choir to Choir 4KOPPELFLÖTE 4’Flute d’Amour 4’Rohrflöte 4’
Solo to Choir 8CORNET IIISesquialtera IINazard 2-2/3’
KLEIN OCTAVE 2’Zauberflöte 2’Waldflöte 2’
LARIGOT 1-1/3’Jeu de ClochetteSifflöte 1’Neuvième 8/9’
RAUSCHWERKE IVMixture VZimbel IVTrompettes II 16+8
CROMORNE 8’Clarinet 8’Basson 8'
UBA IMPERIAL 8’Fanfare Trumpet 8’
CouplersEngraved StopVoice Palette 1Voice Palette 2Voice Palette 3
FLAUTO MIRABILIS 8’ Grand Diapason 8’Flûte Traversière Harmonique 8’Cellos Celeste II 8’
ORCHESTRAL FLUTE 4’Major Octave 4’Mounted Cornet 8’Viole Chorus VI
CORNO DI BASSETTO 16’Bombarde 16’Dulzian 16’Tuba Magna 16’
FRENCH HORN 8’ Trompette Harmonique 8’Baryton 8’ Tuba Mirabilis 8’
ENGLISH HORN 8’ Tierce Mixture X-VIIBasset Horn 8’Orchestral Oboe 8’
TROMPETTE EN CHAMADE 8’ Tuba Major 8’Llamadas II 16+8
CouplersEngraved StopVoice Palette 1Voice Palette 2Voice Palette 3
Great to Pedal 8PRINCIPAL BASS 32’Contra Principal 32’Contra Geigen 32’Erzähler Celeste II 32’
Swell to Pedal 8, 4CONTRA BOURDON 32’ Untersatz 32’
Choir to Pedal 8CONTRA BASS 16’Principal 16’
Solo to Pedal 8SUBBASS 16’Unterbass 16’ Bourdon 16’
BOURDON AMABILE 16’Quintaton 16’
VIOLONE 16’Cello Céleste II 16’Dulciana 16’Dulciana Celeste II 16’
OCTAVE 8’Principal 8’
VIOLONCELLO 8’Cello Celeste II 8’Erzähler Celeste II 8’
GEDACKT BASS 8’Flute Ouverte 8’
CHORAL BASS 4’Fifteenth 4’Nacht Horn 4’Cor de Nuit 4’
MIXTURE IV Hintersatz IVQuinte Flute 10-2/3’Harmonics V
CONTRE BOMBARDE 32’Ophicleide 32’Bass Posaune 32’
BOMBARDE 16’Double Trumpet 16’Posaune 16’Basson 16’
TROMPETTE 8’Trumpet 8’ Tuba Major 8’Trompette en Chamade 8’
CLAIRON 4’Clarion 4’Rohr Schalmei 4’
Size and Weight

Console dimensions: Height 1279.8 mm (50.38”); width 1734.2 mm (68.58”); depth with pedalboard 1284.5 mm (50.57”). Weight: 361MV 284 kg (627 lbs); 361LT 229 kg (505 lbs).

Adjustable Bench: Height minimum 620 mm (24.41”), maximum 696.5 mm (27.42”); width 1250.3 mm (49.22”); depth 434 mm (17.09”). Weight 39.5 kg (87 lbs).

Pedalboard: Weight: 43.5 kg (96 lbs).