• Organ selection consultation
    Our church and classical organ experts will help you work through the myriad of details that determine the best organ console, the best stoplist/tonal resources for your instrument and the best performance features for your installation.
  • Organ Committee Educational Seminars
    Often a once in a lifetime purchase, organ committee members generally need to understand new terminology, new technologies and the unique processes necessary to acquire the best organ for your church. These informative meetings and all materials are provided to you at no charge.
  • Architectural and Acoustic Consultation
    An organ’s musical success is significantly influenced by the room in which it plays. To make sure your room is the best it can be for music performance and congregational singing with organ support we will meet and collaborate with the architects and acoustic consultants of qualified clients at no charge.
  • Concert Artist Performance Service
    Most concert organists today, religious or classical, prefer to play the instruments of our manufacturers. We, therefore, have a unique association to help you secure their services for any special performances you desire and to assist with the logistics, marketing and promotion of their visit.
  • Fund Raising Consultation
    Finding additional funds to purchase a new organ or keyboard instrument is a necessary part of the purchase process and one that must not negatively impact regular giving. Our experience with others who have faced and succeeded in this challenge is easily transferred to new qualified clients. We are happy to share those ideas and experiences at no charge for qualified clients.
  • Electronic Organ Service and Maintenance
    Our new electronic organs and digital keyboards require no periodic maintenance or service. We do, however, have long-time reliable contact with qualified technicians to provide exceptional electronic service to those who have styles or vintages of electronic organs, keyboards and amplifiers of other brands and manufacturers.
  • Pipe Organ Evaluation and Consultation
    Contrary to the misguided claims of salesmen and pipe enthusiasts, pipe organs do not last forever and most in the U.S. today are in some state of disrepair. We will evaluate your pipe organ to report its current condition and consult with you on its best possible use and future service to your church at no charge.
  • MIDI Workshops and Training
    We are committed to the education of organists. Advanced technologies such as MIDI, Musical Instrument Digital Interface, provide a new dimension to the organ and its ability to inspire congregations and audiences. We are able to provide clinicians and expert presenters for these sessions in a variety of ways.
  • Service Playing Workshops
    Unlike playing in concert or for the entertainment of an audience, it takes very different skills and styles to play the organ for worship services. Our experts know the difference and can provide very effective educational experiences on this topic for organists at all skill levels.
  • Organ, Piano and Keyboard Rentals
    Thanks to the commitment of Steinway & Sons and the Rodgers Instrument Corporation we are able to rent or loan pianos and organs to qualified organizations for special performances. Very reasonable participatory and in-kind rates apply based on the logistics of the delivery and style of performance.