Divinith Lutheran Church Arts in Action Presents their Third Annual Christmas Concert

Posted By: Catherine Good | Posted on: 11-17-2014


Divinith Lutheran Church Arts in Action Presents their

Third Annual Christmas Concert


The Celebration Ringers

Saturday December 13th, 7:00p.m

11877 Blossom Avenue, Parma Heights, DS

Information: 440-845-2060

A freemill offering will be taken

Divinity Youth to provide babysitting services!

2015 Rodgers Classical Organ Competition

Posted By: Catherine Good | Posted on: 09-09-2014


The entry period for the 2015 Rodgers Classical Organ Competition is now open! As we previously announced, the competition is focused on organists between the ages of 14 and 22, so everyone’s help is needed to get the word out to promising young performers.

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Organ Dedication Concert

Posted By: Catherine Good | Posted on: 08-26-2014

Zoar Lutheran Church (ELCA)
314 East Indiana Avenue
Perrysburg, Ohio   43551
(419) 874-4346

October 24, 2014, 7:00 PM

Rodgers Infinity 361 digital organ with 5 ranks of Ruffatti pipes

Artist: Rodney Barbour

Rodney Barbour’s incredible mastery of color and musical balance will be on display, as well as his prodigious technique in a wide-ranging program he calls ‘typically Rodney.’ The Infinity organ’s vast resources will be fully explored as he takes us on a musical journey, from classical to modern, from antiquity to contemporary.

October 25, 2014- 9:30 to 11:30 AM

Organ Workshop with Rodney Barbour: “The Ten Pistons”

Ten ‘ready for anything’ general pistons that every organist should set to be ready to play anything at any time.

We will be reviewing and refreshing ourselves on traditional organ registration using the four families of organ tone, and augment that through the amazing Rodgers Voice Palette choices, and Rodgers’ unique organ library (pipe and orchestral) choices available on the new Infinity organ. We’ll also explore Rodgers custom features which enhance the stops, including tuning, temperaments, winding and acoustic enhancement. Rodney says, “If you attend this workshop, your Bach will not be tubby, and your Widor will no longer be boring.” Presented with Rodney’s incomparable musicianship and charm, it is not to be missed.

Organ Competition To Focus On Younger Performers

Posted By: Catherine Good | Posted on: 04-25-2014

Rodgers Instruments Corporation is pleased to announce that the Rodgers North American Classical Organ Competition has been revamped and will have a new focus on young performers starting in 2015.

When the competition began in 2011, it was open to organists up to the age of 35. Now, with the spectacular performances that the judges have seen from younger musicians during the past several years, it will become an event exclusively for 14- to 22-year-olds.

Audition recordings will be accepted starting this fall. The deadline to submit audition recordings is January 5, 2015. Judges will select finalists based on the recordings, and the winners will be determined after a final round of performances on May 5, 2015.

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Sound Choices For the Organist Workshop

Posted By: Catherine Good | Posted on: 03-10-2014


Music lovers are invited to attend a free workshop by renowned organist Dan Miller. Dan will offer tips and practical suggestions for organists to expand their opportunities for creative selection of organ stops and managing console functions. Dan will also offer useful organ music repertoire ideas, always of interest to any organist.

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It’s time to trade to Infinity

Posted By: Catherine Good | Posted on: 02-27-2014

If you’ve ever owned a Rodgers organ, you know their value and longevity. If you have one of the analog organs Rodgers manufactured prior to 1991 – or even an analog organ from that era built by another company – this is the perfect time to trade up to an exciting Rodgers Infinity Series organ.

Between now and Oct. 30, 2014, Rodgers is offering the “Trade to Infinity” program. Any organ owner in the United States who trades in one of these analog instruments and purchases a new Infinity Series organ from an authorized Rodgers representative is eligible to receive a $2,014 rebate.

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